Bright Minds was created out of a need for a more personalized approach to mental healthcare in the Madison area. Yes, we've heard the horror stories: "the therapist forgot my name," or "I couldn't get an appointment for three months." Have no fear, Bright Minds is here! Simple online scheduling, direct access to your therapist, and a human-to-human approach helping you feel better and live better.
Bright Minds believes that every single person deserves a fulfilling life, period. Here, your counseling is always 100% uniquely tailored to you and your needs. We start with exactly where you're at, and move up from there together. You deserve it. 

So you're thinking about going to therapy...

Your friend tells you that she has decided to go to therapy. You think to yourself, 'I didn't realize things were that bad.' Well, things might not be 'that' bad. Therapy can be just as beneficial to everyday people as it can be for people who have more debilitating impairments. Just because you are not on psychiatric medications and go to a great job everyday, doesn't mean that there's nothing to talk about with someone whose sole focus is to help you be your best self.

Think about it: maybe your kids are acting out, maybe your sister is driving your nuts, maybe you feel unhappy with your daily routine. Maybe you have been wondering why you get stuck in the same old patterns day after day, year after year.

A good therapist can help you explore these things and find solutions that will actually work for you, and stick with you. The possibilities are endless. Maybe the way that you are living now is related to the way that you lived as a kid. Maybe the way that you live now is an attempt to live completely opposite from your family. Maybe anxiety is keeping you stuck in a cycle of self-protection. These things can be explored and resolved. There are reasons that you get stuck, and there are solutions.

One of the best things that you can do for yourself is learn more about yourself and how to become the you that you want to be. Give yourself the gift of therapy. More people do it than you realize and it's not something to be ashamed of. A therapist is simply that extra person who can help guide you along your journey to your best you. You ARE worth it!