"When I first went to see Lolly I didn't have a lot of hope that anyone could help me. Almost immediately I felt comfortable talking with her. She has been very patient with me and my ups and downs. I can discuss things without feeling judged. We work through things together and I can tell she genuinely cares about her clients' happiness." - female, age 40

"Lolly sees our 4 year old autistic daughter. Our daughter has significantly improved throughout this time and Lolly has bridged a lot of gaps for us as parents." - male, age 39

"I chose Lolly as a therapist for many reasons, but the main reason was because she actually cares about helping people, and not just doing it for money. It helps to go see her and vent when I have nobody to vent to about the stresses in life." - male, age 30

"I have been working with Lolly for over a year. She has been able to help me through many things as I go through a rough time in my life." - female, age 42

"I feel lucky to have found Lolly when I did. She helped me work through my anxiety and depression, but more importantly she helped me to accept myself. She has been the kindest person, but also very real and honest. I can tell she genuinely cares about helping people. She has been such a blessing." - female, age 24