"When we deny the story, it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending." - Brene Brown

The services described below are a snapshot of specialties served in this practice. Feel free to request more information about any service, mix and match services, or simply share a little information about yourself and your hopes for therapy on our CONTACT page to see if we would be a good fit!

General Adult Psychotherapy

This is a space for you to simply be you. Here, we can work through:

  • life stresses

  •  relationship concerns

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • grief

  • self-esteem

  • attention/focus issues

  • daily life improvement

...and other unique concerns you are experiencing.

Sessions are 50-60 minutes in duration and occur as frequently as we decide, generally every 1-3 weeks. 

Share a bit about what you are looking for on my "contact" page and let's get started!

Depression Intervention Program 

This therapy is based on the concept that depression is not only a brain chemical imbalance, but also a lifestyle disease. By improving your lifestyle, depression often improves as well. This targeted program includes two weekly sessions. One session is talk-based, focused on the psychological aspects of the depression and battling thought processes. The second weekly session is based on the concept of Behavioral Activation, which essentially suggests that through behaviors, we can more easily change our thoughts and moods. This session targets motivation and accountability through designing a unique lifestyle improvement plan. This also allows for an opportunity to engage in an active session through movement.

By targeting your mentality AND your lifestyle, we get a better shot at eliminating depression from your life!


Autism Relational Intervention & Support

Children with autism often participate in intensive behavioral therapies. Bright Minds is a supplement to those intensive services. After many years working with children on the autism spectrum in more intensive, ABA and play style therapies, I have noticed that one area that seems to be missing is long-term emotional and relational support outside of the family. Children in intensive services often go through many therapists and staff that change frequently. Forming stable and appropriate relationships and learning how to maintain them over time is a skill, and one that individuals with autism benefit from practicing prior to adulthood. Therefore, I have chosen to focus my work with these individuals specifically on relational skills and social engagement. Of course, we can also target other concerns as needed.

Ultimately, It can be helpful to have an unbiased set of eyes outside of the schools and other services that your child receives. The goal of this service is to improve your child's relational skills and general functioning. I also offer support and education to parents/families to ensure a supportive, informed environment for optimal well-being of all involved.